Cupuaçu Brigadeiro Recipe

Cupuaçu Brigadeiro Recipe

Cupuaçu is a very common fruit in northern Brazil, which has recently received attention in other regions and internationally. Cupuaçu is called a chocolate substitute because, in addition to having a similar taste to cocoa, cupuaçu is caffeine-free, richer in protein and its production is cheaper and more sustainable.

If you are looking for cupuaçu recipes, prepare this delicious cupuaçu brigadeiro made with cupuaçu juice. The preparation of this cupuaçu candy is very simple, just like the traditional brigadeiro, and the flavor is incredible! You can prepare this sweet to sell as a gourmet brigadeiro, as this fruit is still difficult to find in Brazil, except in the northern region. Check out the walkthrough below and try it out!

Ingredients for making Cupuaçu Brigadeiro:

1 can of condensed milk

 1 can of cupuaçu juice (use the condensed milk can)

 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

 lemon drops to taste

How to make Cupuaçu Brigadeiro:

Put all the ingredients in a pan: condensed milk, cupuaçu juice, vanilla essence and lemon drops.

Check out how to make homemade cupuaçu juice to use in this recipe.

Place over medium heat to low and keep stirring until the mixture comes unglued from the bottom of the pan - the point is brigadeiro. Turn off and let cool.

Then take portions of the dough and roll the brigadeiros. Wrap in crystal sugar or decorate to taste and you're done! This delicacy is also a suggestion for a cupuaçu sweet for a party, try it and tell us what your favorite cupuaçu recipe is in the comments. Enjoy your food!

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Tip: The income from this recipe is around 60 brigadeiros.

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